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Spencer Magazine - Road to the Lemon grove


Just a few comments pulled from the overwhelming feedback we've received for "Road to the Lemon Grove":


"...well written, poignant, funny and nostalgic. I walked out of the movie theatre beaming.”  Adele Alfano


“…a breath of fresh air…” Monic Landry


"I can’t wait to go watch it again!”  Frank-Filomena Mazzuca


 “Lovely, thoughtful work. Beautifully woven. Uplifting. Hopeful.”  Paul Gross


 “A comedy with an intelligent heart…a beautiful movie that honours the immigrant experience like no other…” Sam Cino


“My wife LOVED every scene…. ‘magic' that is rarely seen today… I could watch it a hundred times and find something great and new to see;  mark of an awesome film.”  Joseph Edward Schur


"My favorite movie of all time! Hysterically funny!”  Sear Aristomo‪


“Marvellous authentic story!”  Denis Graham


"Totally engrossed by this tender story, the beautiful characterizations, the incredible musical score.... now I need to walk the streets of Sicilia!”  Lorcia Kan


"I feel like I just had a vacation in Sicily!” Mark Askwith


‪"...excellent movie made with so much passion”  C. DiFalco


"World class.”  Michael S Cole


“...sensitive and brilliant!”  Heather Elaine Whaley


"Can't get better than that." Dennis Beauchamp


 “…I’m still emotional… elements of surrealism were beautifully rendered.”  Diana Cofini


" If you love language and family, this is your story!”  ‪Esther Stein


 “...there was a lineup outside the theatre for at least a half hour...”  Lena Liberale


"The verdict is in and Road to the Lemon Grove is a smash hit with a sold out movie theatre.  Sicilia Canta


"‪4 thumbs up for Road to the Lemon Grove."
  Lester Smith


 ‪"I LAUGHED and Cried."  Glenda Tigchelaar


“…funny, brilliant, soulful...”  Lulu Pelliterri Puci


"Loved, loved, loved the movie!”  Helen Lokun Veal


“That Mancuso guy was awesome!”  Tony Di Felice


“A masterpiece on so many levels! An incredibly intelligent, endearing and beautiful tribute not only to the era of the Italian immigrant but to everything that represents a struggle to survive - anything challenged by differences in language, culture, beliefs, lifestyles, generations…Thank you for this amazing gift.”  Anna Antolovich


 “It spoke to me… it speaks to so many…”  Yolanda Czyzewski-Bragues


"Classic comedy.”  Rod McTaggart


‪"REALLY HITS HOME .... Excellently interpreted" ‪F. Riga


 ‪"A must see movie, you will Love it”  Tony Farrugia


"‪... Road to the Lemon Grove demonstrated universality, the importance of preserving cultures and languages in our globalized world, and the importance of loving relationships... all in a packed house.”  

‪Bree Hill‪


"Best movie I've seen in a long time!!!”  Maria Giuseppina


"I loved the homage to language, culture and traditions...” Trina Costantini-Powell


 “...a packed house!  The movie hit home! "  Joe Biardo


"This is definitely my type of movie!”   Y Janine Bergen


“...a wonderfully beautiful fun family movie.”  

Katherine Anne Crosbie


“Loved the film and want to see it again! …heartfelt warmth, smiles, laughter and camaraderie...”  Ann-Lise Norman


“We’ve seen it 9 times… it just keeps getting better...” Joanne Longo


"Loved it!!!   Packed.”  Dale Vecaro


"I don't recall ever enjoying performances more. BRILLIANT!  Joseph Edward Schur


“Rossella Brescia is a Beautiful woman and a delight to watch on screen.... Sophia Loren-like!"  Mary Trach


"...very entertaining and thought-provoking!”  Frank Bruno


"... looking forward to seeing this movie again (and again, and again!)" Joseph Edward Schur


"Loved it! Telling my clients about it.”  Peter Anthony Tacogna


"Brilliant, well done!" Jake Jordache


"Great acting, beautiful cinematography, wonderful story... I am going to see it again tomorrow!”  Peter Longo


 “... total insight and knowledge... Tastefully portrayed our heritage." Ed Esposto


"The film is gorgeously shot…"  M Askwith


 “…I can’t stop thinking about it!!”  Amy Carmichael


 “…my 95 year old father…wants to know when I’m taking him to see Road to the Lemon Grove!!”  Vito M. Pirri


"Bravissimo maestro – beautiful score!”  Andy Baroque Andras Molnar:


 “...young Cologero translating for his parents could have been me 60 years ago ..... brought back MANY memories!!!!!”  Frank Riga


 ‪"...very funny and reflective, and just great.”  Ryan M. Sero


‪"Thank you for the nostalgia, culture, traditions and profile of the Sicilian and immigrant community."

  Sam Cino


“Loved the movie. Lots of cheeky fun. Gives great insight into small town Sicily and family conflict and love." Lily Milanovich


"You don't have to be Italian to enjoy this movie! But if your parents are immigrants from Sicily! No words! I will be going to see it again and again! Still laughing!”  S. Aristomo


"...very entertaining and thought-provoking!”  Frank Bruno


"I was brought to tears by one observation: we try to find that person whose broken pieces fit our broken pieces.”  Mary Ann Chamberlain


“...packed house, audience was eating it up.”  Shawna Watson


"This movie really touched my heart.”  Carmela DiFalco


“…intelligent approach to humor… irreverent enough to be real... gorgeous landscapes, scenery and captures of quaint places…" Mary McNutt


“Bravo to the incredible people behind this movie. It was one of the finest films that I have seen in years. It’s superbly crafted film with a truly dynamic cast. Dale Hildebrand has delivered an outstanding picture…”  Joseph Edward Schur


“Smart Artists: Smart Choices…” Cleo Evanoff


“…a lot of heart.”  Norman A. Hart


“…the score was amazing!!!!  Frances Cohen


“Rossella Brescia is so beautiful and beguiling. I loved her in the film.”  Natalie Lia Valenzuela


“…judging a film’s goodness is this: Do I think about it at least once the next day? Indeed. Lemon Grove has been with me for days.” Lillian Bloom


The scenery was spectacular, relationship(s) were sensitively presented, the leading lady was magnificent and the zany characters were just that." Rosalyn Cohen


"I went to see Road to the Lemon Grove for a second time tonight and it was even better than the first!”  Nina Daleo Clements


“It made me laugh; it made me cry. It made me want to see again those ancient shores where I was born but most of all it made me proud to be Sicilian…”  Joe Anthony Farina


I was very moved by the entire experience. I strongly recommend seeing it.”  Grace Isgro


“One of my favourite movies!”  Monic Landry


“There have been many wonderful reviews about this great film Road to the Lemon Grove… A must see movie with a beautiful story.” Joe Curto


“…everyone needs to see it! It has so many levels. Loved it!”  Joanne Valenti-Martelacci


"First time my dad and I went to the movies. I will never forget today. It brought laughter and sadness because I wish my mom was still with us. I miss her every day. She would have loved it. My dad and I need joy and laughter in our lives. And this movie made it happen." JA